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Freely distributable Smalltalk enhancements from Tec4:
General enhancements to core Smalltalk classes.  Although useful in their own right, these methods are required for any of our other components you might download.
This package contains the enhancements that tec4 systems inc. has made to the
Windows 95 common controls in Visual Smalltalk v3.1.2.  Newly updated with T4ListView, T4TabControl, T4Rebar, and T4Pager controls and many more enhancements and fixes.
This package contains Tec4's implementation of the Shell APIs.  Included are T4ShellDLL and T4ShellLightweightUtilityAPIDLL, which provide access to various features and parameters of the OS, and T4ShellProcess and related classes, which wrap the Win32 ShellExecute() api. Also included is T4LaunchedProcess, which provides similar functionality to T4ShellProcess through the CreateProcess() API.
This package contains classes used to create XML documents using Microsoft's XML DOM. An XML document is built with tokens (nodes) which are pieced together to form a tree structure of XML nodes used to generate XML code. The reverse process (creating the tree structure from an existing XML document) is also supported.
This package contains a smalltalk wrapper for windows enhanced metafiles.  It includes the classes T4RecordingPen, T4EnhancedStoredPicture and T4EnhMetaHeader, as well as a few base class methods.
* OLE Enhancements
Various packages containing enhancements and fixes for the Visual Smalltalk OLE (COM) subsystem.
Small set of Drag and Drop enhancements to support drag and drop from MS Outlook to Smalltalk
*Walking a Smalltalk stack dump
*API Parameter Types

Copyright 2004 Tec4 Systems Inc. 
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